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A very versatile tool, helpful in creating monthly invoices for various customers

Winautomation is a very versatile tool, it has been very helpful in creating my monthly invoices for various customers. [The platform] enables me to track the purchase orders right from my customers’ emails, and then convert them into excel spreadsheet invoices. This is fantastic! […]

Yelvi Andri Z.,versa.co.id

When my clients see the automation – they think it’s magic!

I automate a lot of filling in medical claims forms for my clients. […] while many medical claims are electronic now – there are still many times when one needs to send paper claims to the insurance companies. That’s where my easy to use solution comes into play. When my clients see the automation – they think it’s magic! WinAutomation is great and I tell everyone about it.

Robert Keyes, Healthcarepdfsmartforms.com

Winautomation have developed excellent scripts…

[…] to enable the processing of complex data contained in spreadsheets, which has proved tremendously helpful.

Their technical support is absolutely excellent, as are the creative solutions they develop to automate otherwise time-consuming manual tasks.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending the company and their excellent software.

Dr. John Bates, Medical Writer, biopharmreports.com

We rely on Winautomation…

[…] because the software is very stable and robust, and more importantly because of the superb support we get from Samantha and Peter

Dan Pfister, TheBusinessSource.com

WinAutomation was exactly what we were looking for!

We discovered WinAutomation while searching for a way to automate a very complex set of steps
that needed to be completed multiple times per day.

This software not only helped us achieve our original objective but is now being used to meet other automation needs.

If you are looking for a powerful, easy-to-use, and cost-effective automation package, WinAutomation is it … hands down!!

Brian Fleming, Canadian Police Knowledge Network

A quick note to convey how impressed I am with the software and support…

This is just a quick note to convey how impressed I am with the software and support I have received since purchasing your product.

In particular, the work that Peter has done for me to automate a webscraping procedure, and including taking the time to step me through the process and mechanics of the query he wrote, has been hugely beneficial to me and my project.

Thanks very much Peter and team for excellent service and I will be sure to spread the WinAutomation message in Australia.

Andrew Watt, Director, Enceladus Pty Ltd

It takes me only minutes and saves Hours!

I tried and used a lot of Automation Tools and Script Languages but none of them where so useful and genius as WinAutomation. I am a self-employed IT Supporter and Administrator and use WinAutomation Weekly to Automate Tasks and make the life of my Customers much easier. It takes me only minutes and saves Hours!

There is one thing that I like more than WinAutomation, it is their Support Team. They Respond Quick and give you real help with Examples and no RTFM like many other Product Support Teams.

Michel R. Wittmer MW-Arts Computer Service

WinAutomation is a remarkable tool…

WinAutomation is a remarkable tool, but what’s even more remarkable to me is their commitment to customers. They are always there to answer questions or suggest ways to develop tasks with the software. I purchased from WinAutomation about six months ago, but they keep treating me like a ‘potential’ customer. Not only do they provide the guidance I need, but they always encourage me to come back for additional help whenever I need it. Response times are fast and they’re always pleasant to work with. Great software…and great support. Thanks for everything.

Jeff Putnam www.mindscanexecutive.com

Our company relies on WinAutomation.

Our company relies on WinAutomation. We have 1000’s of daily task that were previously performed manually but are now automated. These task range from simply file copies to more complex task involving VBScript and SQL queries. WinAutomation handles them with ease. The interface is very easy to navigate and jobs are simple to setup. Possibly the most important feature is their support. If help isn’t available online via chat, then you can submit a support ticket and expect very quick attention. They also have plenty of examples online that demonstrate how to perform different task.

Gregory Williams Paragon Revenue Group


A versatile program with some of the best customer support on the Internet today.

When my WinAutomation Console encountered a slight hiccup, I was quick to contact WinAutomation customer support. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting an answer until about two days later, as is the norm with most customer support on the internet nowadays. But lo and behold, not 10 minutes later, I got an extremely helpful and detailed email from WinAutomation Support specific to my problem. Not only were they able to solve my problem with speed and precision that borders on the supernatural, their follow up was also exceptional. A versatile program with some of the best customer support on the Internet today, that is what WinAutomation really is.

Mohamed Atwa

Because of its power, flexibility and ease of use, WinAutomation won out in our final analysis.

I spent four weeks evaluating the top four automation tools. I was impressed with Winautomation’s video tutorials which were better than any I saw. Because of its power, flexibility and ease of use, WinAutomation won out in our final analysis. Once we defined our solution, we chose to discuss it with WinAutomation Professional Services. With there deep expertise they improved our initial design, built and did two separate debug sessions with us to insure it met our expectations. We now have a more elegant solution in production in 1/4 the time.

Thank you WinAutomation for an outstanding software and a first class professional services team to accelerate our ROI. I am confident that we will have more projects enhanced by WinAutomation and delivered by their Professional Services Team.

David Criswell Harris & Ford, LLC

I’m constantly thinking of new ways to use it.

I was faced with an absolutely massive data archiving project for my company that required simultaneous and complex coordination between several disparate Windows applications, sending SQL requests for and then receiving data files over the Internet from a remote server, and then labeling and organizing those data files into archival structures on our network for later retrieval. Since the multi-step task is much too complicated to automate with something as simple as user-defined macros and requires a dedicated human attendant, I turned to the web thinking that there had to be powerful, yet user friendly and highly customizable windows automation software available.

I looked at several options, including far more expensive and complicated solutions, and chose to test drive WinAutomation. Within a few days of learning the language I had perfected a customized solution that executed the job flawlessly and far more accurately and efficiently than having a dedicated person do the job, saving untold hours of tedious and repetitive manual efforts. Tasks that I thought would be difficult to perform, such as using image recognition to control job flow, were easily accomplished. WinAutomation far exceeded my expectations and has definitely improved our operational efficiency by leaps and bounds. I am thrilled and delighted to have discovered its immense power and flexibility. I’m constantly thinking of new ways to use it and am always recommending it to others.

P.S. WinAutomation’s customer support is outstanding as well.

Lawrence Linn


We have been absolutely astounded at the ability of WinAutomation…

I just wanted to thank you for your invaluable help on our automation project. We have been absolutely astounded at the ability of WinAutomation to automate a particularly time consuming task for our company. The exe. program you have made for us will make a positive difference, eliminate overhead, and give us an edge on our competitors.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank your support team, in particular Samantha McNally who went above and beyond the call of duty to understand our requirements and make them a reality with WinAutomation. Her customer service is second to none, and the fact she was willing to accommodate us in given our different time zones, and patiently help us work through technical obstacles and delays was really appreciated. With people like Samantha supporting a world class product, it’s an easy decision on who we’ll be talking to for our next automation project.

Andrew Simich LJHooker

I am quite impressed with the product overall.

I had the opportunity to work with many tools like automation anywhere, imacros, outwit hub, selenium, testcomplete, qtp and WinAutomaton of course. Having created over 1000 successful automation projects so far with wide range of tools, I must say WinAutomation has been a standout performer so far. The tool comes at a good price for the package that it offers and its control over web is better than many other tools available in the market today. I am quite impressed with the product overall.

Devesh Tripathi Infinium Solutions

Great support and great product!

A job which would have taken weeks of solid manpower took only 2 hours to complete with this product after Support took only 10 minutes to respond to my set-up query. Great support and great product!

Julian Foulger Swiss Mergers and Acquisitions


The software has amazing capabilities and the support is second to none.

I would like to thank WinAutomation for the promise of making my life easier to manage. The software has amazing capabilities and the support is second to none. I just hope my competitors’ aren’t reading this about my secret weapon! Thanks WinAutomation!

John Fairchild

WinAutomation is the finest automation software on the market.

WinAutomation is the finest automation software on the market. Takes very little time to learn how to program with WinAutomation as is a very intuitive software package, you will be up and running with it’s easy to use interface. I have been amazed by the support I have been able to receive from WinAutomation. Whenever I have had an issue arise, they have quickly and thoroughly answered my questions and provided solutions.

Norbert Foigelman, Ph.D. www.certifiedinterpretersinc.com/

Before WinAutomation, it took all day and required a dedicated computer operator.

Extang Corporation, the largest manufacturer of pickup truck bed tonneau covers in the world, processes over 600 manufacturing orders a day using our Microsoft Great Plains manufacturing software. Before WinAutomation, it took all day and required a dedicated computer operator. We automated our processes using WinAutomation. It still takes all day, but the operator has been freed up to do more productive work.

Thanks for a great product.

Dave Hares, IT Director www.extang.com


Even better, the software never gets tired, never makes mistakes, and never takes a break.

WinAutomation is a powerful software product that has saved us tens of thousands of dollars. By working with company consultants, we were able to design, deploy, and improve comprehensive approach to our electronic filing system. This savings allowed us to eliminate the overhead cost associated with several administrative positions, and our employees can now focus on more skill-oriented tasks. Even better, the software never gets tired, never makes mistakes, and never takes a break.

With enough training, most people can learn to code software for basic computer operational tasks. WinAutomation and its company consultants have effectively merged an excellent customer service model with a first-rate software package, and they deserve our highest recommendations.

Ronald Tocchini www.lawgate.us

This is the most advanced and incredible software out there!

WinAuthomation has changed my business and freed up my time to spend with my family! This is the most advanced and incredible software out there! I have spent thousands of dollars on software that doesn’t come close to what this product does.

I use it every day to automatically give me updates on all my cases. I used to spend hours typing in my information to log into the system and now it’s all automated.

The support is incredible and they are always willing to help or find a solution to anything I bring up. Truly amazing and I can’t say enough! It’s simply the BEST!

Jackie Foigelman www.CertifiedInterpretersInc.com

I cannot now live without WinAutomation having lived with it for a few months

WinAutomation has completely changed my personal and professional use of my PC. On a personal level, I’ve automated everyday tasks such as a single key press to print PDFs on one printer or another. Sounds simple, but it cuts out several mouse clicks. I have so many scripts that for some of them I’ve put launching them into “Master Script” that has a drop-down menu that I use to choose which one to run.

I also make daily runs of some programs at night. The script runs the program, keys in several fields such as creating a new directory based on the date, and executes it, waiting for the “Done” button to appear.

The power of this program cannot easily be described. It is great for actions you use every day on a basis, but it is also excellent for making scripts up for problems you face in the short term. You can quickly whip out a new script to solve the problem in the matter of a few minutes, less time than it would take you to perform the task manually.

On the business side, I sell on ebay and have automated absolutely everything. When I take pictures, I drag them from my camera, they are automatically resized when dropped moved into an automatically named folder for the auction, uploaded to ebay. I even have scripts that will create auctions using those same pictures, using different templates depending on what kind of item I tell the script I am selling.

Summing up, I cannot now live without WinAutomation having lived with it for a few months. So much of my computer life is automated that going back to operating a computer manually would feel like moving backward in a big way.

And the support is amazing, with questions often being answered within a few hours and the answers are typically more detailed than expected. Many times I’ve received code snippets to help solve my problem.

M. Barnett


The service you give is excellent and you make us feel important to you.

As for the price goes it is more than faire. The service you give is excellent and you make us feel important to you. The delay you give is incredible and we also have the freedom to choose the time and day of your service so thanks for your excellent service.I hope to become as good as you are with my clients and I hope that they appreciate it as much as I do with you.

One of the advantages of your program is the fact that we are able to make a Macro and transfer it to another computer without having to install the program which is a very good advantage to me. The fact that it works on all system (XP, Vista and Windows 7) is another advantage.

I’m still learning how the program works and I hope to become very good at it as I will use it mostly to help the blind with some of their work on the computer. So to all future clients do not be afraid to tried WinAutomation you will love the services and like the programme.

Best regards to you all and keep up the good work and thanks for your good service.

Steven Doyle www.aidesmoi.com, www.myhelpasap.com

WinAutomation in my mind is in a class of its own …

The pre-sale, post-sale and ongoing support and attentiveness is unrivaled and I was hooked even prior to purchase … the software itself is amazing and is top notch of course! I have been able to save and make 100 fold in less than a month of utilization … Keep up the wonderful job!

Ron Gat

Many thanks to everybody at Winautomation, this is a great program!

After automating my most common tasks, I save at least 2 hours on the computer every night. I love the freedom it provides so I can’t imagine going back to doing it manually. I am only scratching the surface of Winautomation’s potential too, it’s capable of doing so much more.

I was initially worried that it would be hard to figure out, but there is a great help section and customer support is fantastic. In fact this is the best customer support I have ever seen in any company – ever. I am looking forward to automating even more tasks so I can spend even less time on the computer and more time enjoying life!

Matt Lewis


Thanks for the great service!

After comparing WinAutomation to other options on the market it became very clear that this solution is far superior. It’s intuitive interface and great video tutorials helped us get started quickly. Their live chat also did a fantastic job answering all of our questions prior to purchasing our licenses. Thanks for the great service!

Ben Kuhl www.FetterGroup.com

This task used to take me anything up to 3 hours, now I can handle it within 20 minutes.

Every morning, WinAutomation checks all the pending tasks in my insurance office. WinAutomation logs onto the company’s main application, retrieves a list of reports from a file, and checks for any new reports created since the last login. When changes are spotted, a fresh screenshot is saved onto my desktop.

This task used to take me anything up to 3 hours -every morning-, now I can handle it within 20 minutes.

I could code this by myself using a C++ Compiler, but using WinAutomation this only took me about an hour -to create the macro-, using no coding.

Roberto Porcar Seguros Porcar

Using Winautomation, we were able to write an automation script, test it and deploy it in 2 days!

Every Friday afternoon, a member of my team had to upload EDI files to a Medicaid though their web portal. FTP was not a file transport option for this Payer. Each file belonged to a particular office and each office had its own login username and password. This upload process took a member of our team half a day to perform this task manually.

Using Winautomation, we were able to write an automation script, test it and deploy it in 2 days. The EDI upload for this Payer is now completely automated.

Thanks Winautomation!

Robert Keyes PDFSmartForms.com


Best automation software and best support!

After a lot of research and trying out almost every available automation software solution, I am glad that we found WinAutomation! It is THE best automation software out there. Simple to use yet very very powerful. Up to now, with the exceptional help of the WinAutomation Support Team we have been able to totally automate 3 major work flow tasks of our photography studio business that will eventually save us hours every week and a lot of money.

In terms of the customer service, truthfully, there are no words to describe how good the WinAutomation team has been to us. I have a new appreciation of what great customer service should look like and I now know what our company’s customer service should be to our clients. I hope you guys grow as a business even more and keep providing us with excellent product and support for years to come.

Thanks again for everything. You guys are awesome!

Tassos Makrakis Momento PhotoWorks

Winautomation a GREAT tool with GREAT Support!

I recently automated a process in our company (fill in a username/domain info) that we had to preform manually several times each day. I had a slight hitch in that I wanted the software macro to run in the background indefinitely waiting for a dialog box to come up. I sent a message to support and within 5 MINUTES had, not only the answer, but a step by step example of how it could be done. IT WORKED PERFECTLY!

I have worked in IT for 15 years. With a few exceptions have never had this level of support. This product has and will save us countless hours. I have 8 more projects I’m going to try and convert over and feel confident that if I run into any issues, I will get top level support.

I tried other products and can say this is far more flexible, intuitive, and feature rich. I would recommend this to anyone needing this ability.

Will Resendes Merced College

Winautomation is a dream come true!

I never could imagine what is possible with Winautomation until I tried it out. It changed so much for me, from automating the simple and boring always repeating tasks until the very complicated ones which no one could imagine that it was possible. Winautomation does it all and even more! I am very happy with it!

About the Company, the people and the customer support there is only one word. It is just PERFECT! Never I have seen a company with such friendly, helping and professional people as with Winautomation. They are an example for all other software suppliers. Customer support is just AMAZING!

I personally recommend Winautomation and am sure that all of your repeating and boring tasks are gone as snow for the sun thanks to this fantastic software and the people behind it.

Allard Smol, Belgium


You literally saved my life!

You literally saved my life. No joke. I have a task, it takes four and a half minutes to do, very repetitive but I have to do it 3,000 times a week. Yes, creating 3,000 reports a week, would take me 225 hours and would need 3 employees to do it. Now, after 244 lines of code, it is completely automated. Thank you very very much.

PS. You could be charging a lot more for this if people knew how great it was.

Hunter Alpha Street Research.com

WinAutomation is simplistic yet powerful enough to tackle many intricate tasks!

I have been using your product now for over two years. In that time I have saved thousands of tasks by automating them using your software. I have made the software work for me to save time monitoring many different items on my local and wide area network. I also use the application to collect data from users and automate some of their tasks.

Similar software applications on the market are cumbersome and expensive.

WinAutomation is simplistic yet powerful enough to tackle many intricate tasks. Thanks!


This will save me hours of work when I return home!

I do real estate photography and shoot 5 to 10 homes per day in the summer. WinAuto will allow me to automatically process photos on my laptop in the car while I’m driving to the next job. This will save me hours of work when I return home.

Thank you so much for all your patience and good suggestions.

Scott DuBose Scott DuBose Photography


I consider it 110% success!

I really needed a software which generates screenshots automatically. We needed something that would work quickly. Winautomation has done an excellent work for me. Now i can take hundreds of screenshots within few minutes. It saved our manuals department a lot of headaches and time. I consider it 110% success. Working with winautomation almost one year has been a pleasure. I would like to thanks Winautomation for both an excellent product as well as the responsive customer support you provide. I contacted your customer support, and was happily surprised to get an immediate response which quickly resolved my issue.

You have the best support team in the business! I’ll always recommend your products and hope to do further business in the future.

Ashu Dhir GN Otometrics

WinAutomation has never let me down and I’m yet to come up with a task it can’t handle!

I have tried a lot of automation scripts and programs in the past but have never found one as easy to use as WinAutomation. Not only that but it has never failed to do exactly what I want. My experience with other programs is some work okay with certain tasks but not all and I always seem to be the one who wants to achieve that little bit extra. WinAutomation on the other hand has never let me down and I’m yet to come up with a task it can’t handle.

That, together with a fantastic support team, is why I am more than happy to offer this testimonial as a thank you.

Dave March OnCourse Software Ltd

My only complaint is that I didn’t discover it earlier!

You know the feeling, you have been looking for a certain item for a while. You have tried & tested almost everything available, then suddenly you find one which instinctively feels ‘Just Right’ exactly what you have been looking for.

That’s how I felt the first time I installed and tried WinAutomation, from first use it’s clear this is a premium quality product. But software of this type requires serious input from the user, and at some time you are definitely going to need help and guidance from the experts who created it.  WinAutomation has first class documentation and technical support, both vital to the success and the ability to use such a product to its full potential.

My only complaint is that I didn’t discover it earlier.

Gerard Booth Durham England


I can’t recommend it highly enough. This program is the foundation to the 4 hour week!

I have used several macro programs over the years but the support you get from the winautomation team and the ease of use of the program leaves them all in the dust. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is a program which will revolutionise your life online. You can automate many more parts of your online business than you think. The time you spend to get to know this incredible program will pay you back many times over in productivity gains…and if you get stuck, there is help at hand. This program is the foundation to the 4 hour week.

This product gets my top recommendation… and support gets 5 stars.

Barry Walls

I did not realize how many things could be automated!

I had a simple goal to find a product that worked for me instead of having to change the way I worked. I tried many products and found winautomation to be the most flexible, powerful and intuitive. Additionally, the support team was both responsive and knowledgeable. All this added up to easily eliminating redundant tasks and multi-step actions. I did not even realize how many things I did that could be automated and I am still finding thing to this day

Kevin Bowe

I seldomly have seen a company with such a superb Customer Support, combined with a Professional Development Team and equally impressive software!

As a Business Consultant i have been in touch with many companies – including Fortune 100 – but i seldomly have seen a company with such a superb Customer Support, combined with a Professional Development Team and overall friendly employees. I was really impressed! It is worth buying this software, even if only to be around this Team of great people! The software is equally impressive. I have built quite a business around automation and believe that using the maximum available Leverage, in form of raw Computer power is the way to go. Softomotive 3 Thumbs up 😉 Way to go!

Pedro da Cruz

I save over 1200 minutes a year with WinAutomation and one generated EXE file!

I use WinAutomation for couple of tasks which I had to run every single morning: Mount encrypted volume to my computer, start Miranda with password, start Pageat agent & Putty (both with password) to my server etc … all of this tasks took me over 5 minutes of every working morning – so I save over 1200 minutes a year with WinAutomation and one generated EXE file. I also use WinAutomation to check my websites availability regullary, so now I am always informed if anything happens and I am ready to solve it out. Thank You WinAutomation Team!

Lukas Gavenda iGiSoft.cz

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