Web Automation2018-10-29 16:05:06


Web Automation


A very large amount of processes nowadays are based on Web applications. Automating them can become very easy using WinAutomation. For automations regarding web applications, there is the dedicated “Web Automation” group of actions that you can use. WinAutomation, supports the three major browsers, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. There is a dedicated action to start each browser. In addition to launching a web browser, the “Web Automation” group includes actions such as: ‘click link on web page’, web form population actions such as ‘populate text field on web page’, and web data extraction actions such as the ‘get details of element on web page’. There is also an additional group of actions related to web automation, the direct web access actions, which enable you to interact directly with web services according to the API documentation that accompanies the respective Web service. In this tutorial, we will go through an existing example, creating a process of extracting the details of all the people who live in Sacramento, California. This time, instead of generating the process automatically as done in the “Web Recorder” tutorial, we will complete all the steps manually.