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Meet new WinAutomation v8.

The best desktop automation tool just got better.

With the latest features in WinAutomation version 8, individuals, teams and enterprises will be able to boost their productivity to new levels.

Enhanced Application Control

Automate the most complex tasks, across any windows application including excel, and email

Automate any major Browser

Auto-fill thousands of web forms and extract all the data you need from any website, effortlessly

OCR & Imaging Technology

Use optical character recognition to control virtual desktop interface and capture unstructured data.

Product Webcast On-Demand

Get a complete overview of the key capabilities that are included in this new release. Learn more from Softomotive’s product team through an exclusive webinar.

We are here if you need us

Our multi-disciplinary, professional support team is committed to giving you the smoothest RPA journey. We will answer your questions on how to use WinAutomation, or help you get a head start with building process automations for you.

Make WinAutomation your desktop automation solution

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