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Release History

Version 8.0.4

Improved: Adjusted width size in the Custom Dialog designed to show all the required information.

Improved: All actions within a Switch, now require to be within a Case as well.

Improved: Backup of the database can now be performed for any database size.

Improved: Performance of UI/Desktop actions.

Improved: Performance of Web Automation actions.

Improved: Send Email action, now works with accounts that do not require authentication.

Improved: “Merge PDF Files” action now supports password protected files.

Improved: WinAutomation now supports File monitoring Trigger for network folders for logged out users.

Improved: “Zip File” and “Unzip File” actions now support the use of password protected files.

Improved: Variables comparison according to their datatypes.

Improved: Send Email through Outlook action now supports sending emails from shared mailboxes.

Improved: Improved location of objects using image recognition actions.

Improved: “Invoke Web Service” action now includes the HTTP Patch method.

Improved: Ability to extract text through digitally signed PDF documents.

Improved: Exporting the Logs from the WinAutomation Console, now includes the additional details as well.

Improved: “Synchronize FTP” Action now takes the “Transfer Type” settings in the WinAutomation Console Options Tab into consideration before the transfer.

Corrected: Fix on control’s extraction from the Automation Browser.

Corrected: “Open FTP” Action used to throw an error when used with Autologin.

Version 8.0.3

Improved: Web Selectors now support use of Regular expressions.

Improved: “Retrieve Exchange Email Messages” Action now supports shared email accounts.

Improved: User now gets notified before deleting a Trigger or Schedule.

Improved: Processes imported from a higher version can be opened in the Process Designer, informing the user that the specific actions are not supported.

Improved: “Send Click” Action, now sends correct Left/Right click when mouse button settings are reversed.

Improved: Improved interaction with Excel files in 32-bit installations.

Improved: Legal Notice message now gets bypassed when Autologin is used.

Version 8.0.2

Improved: WinAutomation is able to access and interact with SAP applications (Only available in the Professional Plus Edition).

Improved: Logs, can now be exported in .xlsx, .xls and .csv format.

Improved: Search Option so that to search for functions in the functions pane.

Improved: “Send Keys” action, now supports to send the “Enter” key located on the NumPad.

Corrected: WinAutomation, now works with the Chrome version 69.0.3497.81

Version 8.0.1

Improved:WinAutomation is able to access and interact with Java-based applications (Only available in the Professional Plus Edition).

Improved:WinAutomation is now a high-dpi friendly application.

Corrected:Actions that included Unicode characters, now accept the use of variables without throwing an error.

Corrected:Move mouse to image in selected sub-region now targets the correct image on the screen.

Corrected:Generated executables now accept the use of “Launch Chrome” and “Launch Firefox” actions.

Corrected:Triggers and Schedules operate correctly among multiple users.