Integrate with Microsoft's, IBM's and Google's Cognitive Engines

From a simple text recognition or to a more advanced face or landscape recognition, WinAutomation is your gateway to the Cognitive capabilities of all major technology vendors: Google, Microsoft and IBM Watson. With native integration and over 25 actions users can seamlessly integrate powerful cognitive functionality into their processes.

Text, Face, Label, Landmark, Logo and Explicit Content Detection[/fusion_title]

With the use of the “Computer Vision” group of actions, your process can detect anything ranging from text, all the way to violent content, company logos, human faces or specific objects like cars, furnitures or animals in an image.

Text Translation , Spell Checking, Language Detection and Sentiment Analysis

Anything from Language detection and Text Translation to Spell Checking and Sentiment Analysis is covered by our Language & Text Set of Actions. By utilizing the native integration of Azure’s, IBM’s and Google’s Language processing capabilities a user can easily incoporate robust AI functionality into a WinAutomation process.