Advanced Synchronization

Let Processes talk to each other and schedule the usage of unique resources

WinAutomation supports parallel execution of numerous Processes or even parallel execution of many instances of the same Process. The configured Concurrency Policy of each Process, partly solves the problem of having the same Process accessing the same resources like windows, mouse and keyboard, or controls.
What happens though if more than one Processes demand access to a resource that can only serve one client at a time such as the mouse, the keyboard, a restricted file, or the foreground window?

It would be like having two or more persons trying to move the mouse or type on the same keyboard, or edit the same file, simultaneously. The result would not be something that you wish for!

parallel execution of numerous Processes

Sync actions that schedule the resources usage

WinAutomation has the answer. With Synchronization actions, each process reserves a resource for as long as it needs to use it, marking it as busy and blocking all others from accessing it. If another process will try to use the same resource, then it will have to wait until the resource is free and no other Automation has currently locked its use.

Do not worry about Processes failing because of limited shareable resources. WinAutomation will orchestrate everything for you as a brilliant conductor!