Process Designer

Automating easier than playing with toy bricks

WinAutomation Process Designer

Automating easier than playing with toy bricks

What you see is what you get with the Visual Process Designer and its point and click interface. Dragging and dropping Actions in Process Designer will simplify your automation steps. Forget picking up weird scripting languages and proprietary programming structures, all you need is your mouse and some logical thinking.

For example, your e-shop sells a pair of shoes and the sale notification email arrives. You can set WinAutomation to extract all data from that email and respond to the buyer, print out the invoices and the shipping labels then set a notification in your calendar for going to the postal office on the next day and mark -1 in your stock keeping software, all at the blink of an eye!

Drag & Drop

Forget scripting and pseudo languages needed to get you started in automation, now you just point, click, go, go, go!

Data Handling

Manipulate data, save into variables, save into databases , parse excel, do anything you imagine with your data! WinAutomation will support saving to most any format that it can handle. You just have to pick the one that you and your organization is most accustomed to and best set-up to support.

Function Support

Support for self-reliant functions for ease of use and maintenance of complex Processes. No need to work everything out in your Macro at once. You can do it in baby-steps, automating one part at a time, with the use of functions.

Visual Debugger

Takes the guesswork out of debugging and wraps it up in a beautified UI. Tooltips and help balloons are there, not only to look good but to make you think less and actually tell you what went wrong in your Macro.