An important  message from our CEO.


WinAutomation offers best time-to-value, through to its quick deployment and ease of use.


Annual Subscription


*billed annually

Get WinAutomation v9 today! Create and execute as many automations as you need.

  • Comprehensive RPA features

  • Unlimited processes

  • Support and updates

Powerful Automation Software, Simple Pricing

Lower Upfront Cost

WinAutomation v9 is is licensed on a per-user, per-machine basis, via an annual subscription. Add new licenses for a lower up-front cost when compared with a traditional CAPEX model.

Predictable Budgeting

Pay once and you’re covered for 12 months. You only need to renew once a year, saving you and your finance team time. Never let your projects get delayed waiting for licenses.

Support and Maintenance Included

A WinAutomation subscription maximizes your software investment by giving you access to new releases, as well as on-going support from our expert automation engineers.

Priced to Scale

As your RPA needs change, and your use of WinAutomation evolves, simply add more WinAutomation licenses to your deployment, making growth fast and easy.