Macro Recorder in WinAutomation

WinAutomation is the most advanced Windows Automation app, featuring a Macro Recorder and a Web Recorder.

WinAutomation Macro Recorder

WinAutomation’s superb Macro Recorder will set your computer on autopilot

Automate any desktop application. Just perform the task you would like to automate once and the Smart Recording in Macro Recorder will convert everything you do on-screen into steps that you can playback as many times as you like, while the Keystroke Recorder and the Mouse Recorder will capture all interface activity. Teach your computer to perform your tasks automatically with zero effort. Personal Computing was never this smart!

For example, your e-shop sells a pair of shoes and the sale notification email arrives. You can set WinAutomation to extract all data from that email and respond to the buyer, print out the invoices and the shipping labels then set a notification in your calendar for going to the postal office on the next day and mark -1 in your stock keeping software, all at the blink of an eye!

Smart Recording

The Smart Recording feature of WinAutomation Macro Recorder will identify and capture all your interactions with Windows, their contents and Windows elements like panes, toolbars and menus to name a few, so regardless if you are working with Powerpoint presentations, Word documents or what have you, WinAutomation will always find its way.

Mouse Recorder

Make your mouse do all the work, not you. The Mouse Recorder will capture all your mouse clicks and automate their sending with the Auto Clicker so that you can emulate a user idly clicking by or test for stress when multiple requests are made to a User Interface etc.

Keystroke Recorder

Automate all the sequences that you usually type, assign them to a hot-key and fire the Keyboard Macro whenever you need them, no more typing the same old website address over and over again, or maybe the standardized text with which you are usually ending your corespondence with is much easier to add when its done via keyboard combo.

No Programming

The Macro Recorder makes automation easy for anyone and not just for the programming-inclined. There is no need to brace yourselves for yet another proprietary scripting language, all is done via the simplest point and click interface. You just record your on-screen actions and the Macro Recorder will convert them into steps that will be reproduced every time the process automation is run.