WinAutomation is a powerful and easy to use Windows based platform for building Software Robots

Process Designer

Automating easier than playing with toy bricks with the Visual Software Process Designer point and click interface.

Drag & Drop | Functions Support | Ease of Use
Data Handling | Visual Debugger | Control Repository

Desktop Automation

Automate any desktop application.

App automation | GUI automation

Web Automation

Automate all your web processes easily leveraging WinAutomation intelligent Web Recorder.

Web Recorder | Browser Automation
Form Filling | Web Scraping

Macro Recorder

Much more than just a mouse recorder or a keystroke recorder.

Smart Recording
No Programming Required
Mouse Recorder
Keystroke Recorder


Effortless automation of all processes with no system overload.

Parallel execution
Smart queueing Pro edition

Task Scheduler

Schedule any Macro, program, or document to run at the moment of your need

Calendar based
Set expiration date

Keyboard Macro

A ‘turn-of-the-millennium’ automation twist to keyboard functionality.

Record Keystrokes
Playback Key Sequences

UI Designer

Make your own UI for your applications with a touch of CSS magic.

Design Your Own Front End
Supports CSS Styling

Email Automation

Save valuable time and effort from conducting time-consuming repetitive tasks.

Receive & Process Emails
Send Automated Emails

Excel Automation

Excel Macros have never been easier. Automate pretty much anything with Excel!

Read & Parse Excel Data
Write to Excel

Files & Folders Automation

Fire Software Robots based on any computer event.

Batch operations

System Monitoring

Fire Process Automations based on any computer event.

File I/O Operations
Event Log

Auto-Login Professional edition


Run Process Automations even when user is logged out.

Windows Login

Security Professional edition

Secure your automation processes.

Secure Screen
Password-protected Robots

FTP Automation

Automate your FTPing


Error Handling

Set-up routines to cover in case of error and bring logic into your automation.

Specify Action
Run Alternative


Functionality you wish for comes wrapped up in little bundles of joy.

Robot Compiler Professional edition

Set-up routines to cover in case of error and bring logic into your automation.

Share with many PCs
White Label your own apps!