With Automation Software and Macro Recorder Software

Let me ask you a question. With 24 hours a day, how much of these are you actually busy with work?

And I mean no-distractions, productive work?

After we minus off the sleeping hours, rest and distractions, what we are left with for work could be about 8 hours or less!

Have you ever realize that you are constantly doing the same thing – over and over again?

And it’s laborious, tedious, and sometimes, even downright uninteresting?

If so, chances are you are imprisoned in the never ending routine of your processes.

You are now confined by the daily grind.

What do I mean??

You would like to do stuff that holds higher significance, and yet you are incessantly bounded by the routine drudgery of continual tasks. And after some time, you eventually realize the word ‘freedom’ holds little significance to you. Because you are having little or none.

However, fret not. Even in this crazy world, where a 80 to 100 hour work week is accepted as the norm, there is a solution at hand this restrictive. And it’s none other automation.

How essential and dominant is automation in our life? Very. Just take a look around you, and you are likely to find automation in motion.

Tell me more, you say? Let me explain more…

When you near the gantry at the car park to insert your pre-paid card before the barrier opens for you to enter, that’s an example of automation.

When you enter a building, and the door opens up for you on its own, that’s automation.

When you are waiting at the traffic light, and the red signal turns green for you to go, that’s automation.


The truth is automation is very important important to us as an individual as they are to businesses. In fact, it is even more so for the last mentioned.

Tim Ferriss, the best selling writer of the book ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ swears by the use of automation to free up your time so that you can live the life you want it to be spent.

The point is majority of the tasks you are doing now (on a computer) can be automated or semi automated.

The ultimate objective is to totally remove the need for your involvement. Or at least to reduce it to a minimum.

The benefits of windows automation are multifold.

Automation, more specifically business process automation (BPA) or windows automation (where PC are involved) helps enhance efficiency and step-up your productivity. There are less human errors and it speeds up your operations.

For the individual, it may mean thousands of recurring keystrokes, mouse clicks and file actions saved.

For businesses, it can translate to hundreds upon thousands of manpower and man hours reduced. And that means lower operational expenses. This eventually translates to increased profits.

Imagine going for a nap, and knowing that your job is being done on autopilot where you are absent – in the exact style you want it. It can be as simple or as complex as you prefer it to be.

With automation, it is possible to replace yourself.
You don’t have to repeat yourself, while the computer does all the laborious work for you.

Automation increases your potentiality to achieve more results with the same resources. It works as a force multiplier.

A windows automation software with a macro recorder, mouse recorder and keyboard recorder can easily do the tough job for you.

Things like chokepoints, inefficient integration of multiple processes and costly delays will never happen again.

Now you have that leverage. And you got windows automation to thank for that.