WinAutomation Web Scraping

The Data of the World at the palm of your hand

The need to acquire data automatically and present them in a human-centric display so that it becomes more easily digested is now more pressing than ever and web scraping is the answer. WinAutomation can help simplify greatly your Internet life, by processing all data that you daily need, automaticaly and then saving and presenting to you with the preferred manner.

Web Scraping Made Easy

Web Scraping The Easy Way

Read & Parse Web Data

Read any HTML or other DOM element from a table of prices to a whole directory and export all data found. Manage the extracted data with WinAutomation Variables or save to local files that better suit your needs.

Web Data Extraction To The Files Of Your Choice

Export Captured Data

Maybe you prefer keeping Excel files than saving to Variables, databases and all the other data structures WinAutomation can keep up with – no problem, we got you covered!

Web Scrape Multiple Web Pages

Scrape From Multiple Pages

Often web pages display data such as product listings in multiple pages. WinAutomation can automatically crawl and extract data from multiple pages. Just point to the link that acts as pager and select ‘Element as pager’

Web Scrape With Patterns And CSS selectors

Intelligently Identifies Patterns

WinAutomation will automatically identify patterns and data-sets. So if you need to web scrape a list of items (name, address, email, price etc) from a web page, you only need to select the first few and WinAutomation will acknowledge the whole list.