WinAutomation Web Automation

Make the Internet work for you instead of the other way around

If you have felt a prisoner of your own browser, it’s time to break free! WinAutomation’s Smart Web Recorder and Web Automation utilities will do the trick for you. Just browse through your favorite parts of the Web and collect data, fill forms, download files – do all the things you usually do online and the Web Recorder will convert these into a Macro you can run whenever you need to.

Design your very own front-end

Web Recorder

Record and Playback actions inside the built-in browser or your own flavor of IE and automatically convert all your interactions into Macros that you can then edit however you’d like. Fill form, collect data, login to sites, you name it!

Web Automation And Web Scraping Now Easier Than Ever

Browser Automation

Automate your browsing: just record your usual online activity and the Web Recorder will identify all elements and actions that you interact with and will convert these into WinAutomation Actions that you can play everytime you need.

Design your very own front-end

Web Scraping

Web Scraping of any web page content is as easy as point and click in the Web Recorder interface, then chose what you want to do with the HTML element that you selected. And if you want more advanced handling, you can even select DOM elements based on their CSS selectors.

Web Automation And Web Scraping Now Easier Than Ever

Form Filling

Never fill boring forms again. Just select the fields that you want auto-filled and the data that should fill them. Now every time you visit the same form on the internet , you can tell WinAutomation with which data you want to fill it and it fills itself!