A very versatile tool, helpful in creating monthly invoices for various customers

Winautomation is a very versatile tool, it has been very helpful in creating my monthly invoices for various customers. [The platform] enables me to track the purchase orders right from my customers’ emails, and then convert them into excel spreadsheet invoices. This is fantastic! […]

Yelvi Andri Z.,versa.co.id

When my clients see the automation – they think it’s magic!

I automate a lot of filling in medical claims forms for my clients. […] while many medical claims are electronic now – there are still many times when one needs to send paper claims to the insurance companies. That’s where my easy to use solution comes into play. When my clients see the automation – they think it’s magic! WinAutomation is great and I tell everyone about it.

Robert Keyes, Healthcarepdfsmartforms.com

Winautomation have developed excellent scripts…

[…] to enable the processing of complex data contained in spreadsheets, which has proved tremendously helpful.

Their technical support is absolutely excellent, as are the creative solutions they develop to automate otherwise time-consuming manual tasks.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending the company and their excellent software.

Dr. John Bates, Medical Writer, biopharmreports.com

We rely on Winautomation…

[…] because the software is very stable and robust, and more importantly because of the superb support we get from Samantha and Peter

Dan Pfister, TheBusinessSource.com

WinAutomation was exactly what we were looking for!

We discovered WinAutomation while searching for a way to automate a very complex set of steps
that needed to be completed multiple times per day.

This software not only helped us achieve our original objective but is now being used to meet other automation needs.

If you are looking for a powerful, easy-to-use, and cost-effective automation package, WinAutomation is it … hands down!!

Brian Fleming, Canadian Police Knowledge Network

A quick note to convey how impressed I am with the software and support…

This is just a quick note to convey how impressed I am with the software and support I have received since purchasing your product.

In particular, the work that Peter has done for me to automate a webscraping procedure, and including taking the time to step me through the process and mechanics of the query he wrote, has been hugely beneficial to me and my project.

Thanks very much Peter and team for excellent service and I will be sure to spread the WinAutomation message in Australia.

Andrew Watt, Director, Enceladus Pty Ltd

It takes me only minutes and saves Hours!

I tried and used a lot of Automation Tools and Script Languages but none of them where so useful and genius as WinAutomation. I am a self-employed IT Supporter and Administrator and use WinAutomation Weekly to Automate Tasks and make the life of my Customers much easier. It takes me only minutes and saves Hours!

There is one thing that I like more than WinAutomation, it is their Support Team. They Respond Quick and give you real help with Examples and no RTFM like many other Product Support Teams.

Michel R. Wittmer MW-Arts Computer Service

WinAutomation is a remarkable tool…

WinAutomation is a remarkable tool, but what’s even more remarkable to me is their commitment to customers. They are always there to answer questions or suggest ways to develop tasks with the software. I purchased from WinAutomation about six months ago, but they keep treating me like a ‘potential’ customer. Not only do they provide the guidance I need, but they always encourage me to come back for additional help whenever I need it. Response times are fast and they’re always pleasant to work with. Great software…and great support. Thanks for everything.

Jeff Putnam www.mindscanexecutive.com

Our company relies on WinAutomation.

Our company relies on WinAutomation. We have 1000’s of daily task that were previously performed manually but are now automated. These task range from simply file copies to more complex task involving VBScript and SQL queries. WinAutomation handles them with ease. The interface is very easy to navigate and jobs are simple to setup. Possibly the most important feature is their support. If help isn’t available online via chat, then you can submit a support ticket and expect very quick attention. They also have plenty of examples online that demonstrate how to perform different task.

Gregory Williams Paragon Revenue Group