WinAutomation will automate all your dull and boring, mind-numbing, time-stealing repetitive tasks and win back that precious time.

File operations, database manipulation, spreadsheet handling, email parsing and desktop management have never been easier to automate and execute, firing on key-press or any other trigger!


macro recorder

Macro Recorder

Much more than  just a mouse recorder or a keystroke recorder

Perform the task you would like to automate on your screen once and the Macro Recorder will convert it into a series of Actions that can be repeated as many times as you like. After the recording you can further customize the macro to your liking using the Job Designer.

  Smart Recording

  No Programming Required

The Smart Macro Recorder in WinAutomation will identify each and every single UI element you interact with.

Zero programming background required, just point and click – shoot and go!

  Mouse Recorder

  Keystroke Recorder

The mouse recorder will track every movement of your mouse and the Auto Clicker will send all the mouse events you choose to.

All the keys you had wished they would type themselves, now they do, with just some incentive from WinAutomation!

Web Automation And Web Scraping Now Easier Than Ever

Web Automation

Make the Internet work for you instead of the other way around

Just browse through your favorite parts of the Web and collect data, fill forms, download files – do all the things you usually do online and the Web Recorder will convert these into a Macro you can run whenever you need.

  Web Recorder

 Browser Automation

Record and Playback your activity inside your browser and automatically convert it into a macro that you can then edit however you’d like.

Automate your browsing, take screenshots, access web servers directly, automate web testing.

  Form Filling

  Web Scraping

Auto-fill forms on any website with data imported from Excel, databases, other websites or any other data source.

Web Scraping all web page content from any website no matter how complex or dynamic.

Visual Job Designer Makes Life Easier

Visual Job Designer

What You See Is What You Get automation, easy as playing with toy bricks

The Visual Job Editor that will make your fiddling with automation more entertaining than playing around with a pile of toy bricks.

  Drag & Drop

 Functions Support

Forget scripting and pseudo languages needed to get you started in automation, now you just point, click, go, go, go!

Support for self-reliant functions for ease of use and maintenance of complex Jobs

  Data Handling

  Visual Debugger

Manipulate data, save into Variables, save into databases , parse excel, do anything you imagine with your data!

Takes the guesswork out of debugging and wraps it up in a beautified UI.

Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler

Find all your repetitive tasks, pencil them in and set ’em and forget ’em

The built-in Task Scheduler allows you to execute any of your tasks automatically based on your chosen timeframe. Set up your tasks to be done exactly when you need them by selecting from the different options in the schedule menu.

  Calendar based

  Set expiration date

Be it monthly, weekly, daily or anything in between for that matter.

Give the scheduler a rest and suspend scheduled tasks while you are away.

Keyboard Macros

Keyboard Macro

One key to rule them all

The keyboard has been the longest standing unchanged piece of hardware binded along with our computers ever since they became personal, so it is high time we gave them a ‘turn-of-the-milenium’ twist. Queue keyboard macro automation.

  Record Keystrokes

  Playback Key Sequences

Your keyboard stalks your every move relaying it to WinAutomation to repeat your Actions on demand.

No more having to type or that very long email signature ever again!

System Monitoring

System Monitoring

Fire ‘Jobs’ based on any event of your computer.

System Monitoring allows you to execute any of your tasks automatically based on your chosen event. Set up your tasks to run exactly when you need them by selecting any of the different options in the trigger menu.

  File I/O Operations

 Event Log

WinAutomation will monitor your targeted folders for any operation to trigger your specified Jobs automatically.

WinAutomation will also keep an eye out on the Event Log , so if you are a system administrator that wants to know every time things go wrong, WinAutomation will send you a warning e-mail.

UI Designer

UI Designer

Make your own UI for your applications with a touch of CSS magic

The built-in UI Designer will add some flare to your dialog windows. Whenever your Jobs will require some user input, no longer will the user be greeted by the same boring grey dialog – your only limit is your level of CSS expertice, so start customising!

  Design Your Own Front End

 Supports CSS Styling

You’ve built the coolest Macro and still have those boring dialogs for User Input? Fret no more, you can now stylize and beautify your dialogs all the way to briliance.

There is nothing that doesn’t look good with a little CSS and now WinAutomation gives you the chance to use it to make your application look good.

Email Automation

Email Automation

Automate your inbox and never miss out on an e-mail

Inbox management has become so cumbersome and bulky that if you were to actualy go through all email your receive you would be wasting a lifetime. WinAutomation and its built-in email Automation Actions are here to tell your computer how to sort through all this mess.

 Receive & Process Emails

  Send Automated Emails

Set up processing rules for your inbox so all your attachments end up in the same folder depending on who is the sender etc.

Get your contacts from Excel and set-up an auto-send Job to wish everyone on their birthday and much more than that.

Job Compiler

Job Compiler

Just built the greatest Macro in the world and wish everyone could’ve had it running on their PC’s?

Well, now you can start sharing right away with anyone running Windows on their PC and Server.

Share with many PCs

 White Label your own apps!

Take your most important Macro applications with you, everywhere you go – share them with friends or build them to last.

Unbranded apps waiting for you to set your logo and start gaining the kudos you deserve.

Excel Automation

Excel Automation

Excel Macros have never been easier

Read and write data, manipulate worksheets and do pretty much anything with Excel, that once needed you to learn Visual Basic to do Macros.

  Read & Parse Excel Data

  Write to Excel!

Read from a single cell to  a whole worksheet and manage data with WinAutomation Variables.

Maybe you prefer keeping Excel files than saving to variables, databases and all the other data structures WinAutomation can keep up with – no problem, we got you covered!

Files & Folders Automation

Files & Folders Automation

Put some sense into those files!

Automate files and folders operations, batch rename, move, resize and do anything with your filesystem, and do it the clever way!


FTP Automation

FTP Automation

Automate your FTPing

Want to update your CMS the moment the update comes out and never have anything to do with it ? Maybe download all logs and copy them to Excel? Or setup some other automated process to handle your uploading and downloading to FTP? WinAutomation has the answer yet again!


Error Handling

Error Handling

Set-up routines to cover in case of error and bring logic into your automation

Errors are abundant and should be expected when they are the least wanted, so WinAutomation will cover for you in the event of an error and handle it either by stopping, continuing, notifying you, running an alternative Job or doing some other specified Action




You can even automate tasks that could not be previously automated

Looking for something new to play with? WinAutomation comes with new toys every now and then and the Twitter Add-On is one of the best examples. Packed with all the Twitter actions you can shake a stick at and all for the price of absolutely free!