Need a direction to start this project…


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Wed 20/07/2011 at 04:24

I have a server at a remote location.


I need to do the following


Disconect a VPN

ping the DNS name

Log the IP

log into a telnet

enter log in and password

enter a command

wait 30 seconds

ping the DNS again

log the IP

compare the IP

If the same do it again.

If a different IP than used in the last 24 hours

reconect the VPN


then make into an exe and run it with a time trigger



I need to log the IP and time stamp it, then read the file each time a new one is read.


I started this but got stuck trying to tell it to wait if NO Reply was found in the ping command.


So I got to step 3…





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Thu 21/07/2011 at 12:19

To log into the telnet, what do you use User Interface or Telnet prompt window? You can use the Send DOS Command and send through the corresponding argument to do what you need. Please find a list of the telnet commands here: :) Samantha


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