Introducing the “Wait” group of Actions

It is well known, that different machines work at different speeds, and come up with the same results after a process request, while the process result is the same.

When using WinAutomation, you should be able to determine how long you will allow for a process to run, before it fails.

This is where the “Wait” group of actions come in handy.


“Wait” Action

You can use this action when you want to delay the next action from executing, due to the fact you want to wait for something to happen. It is usually used as extra security, when waiting for something to occur on the machine we use this action to make sure we give the machine enough time to give us the desired results prior to continuing with any actions that follow.…

I want to schedule my Tweets

This functionality will require installation of the free Twitter Addon!


I want to post a Tweet on Schedule



In order to Schedule Tweets, we need to specify the account that will be used to make the posts, as well as the text file, from which it shall take the tweets, and last but not least, add a Schedule Trigger to the job.

Using the Twitter Addon actions, we use the “Specify Twitter Account” action to specify the user from which the Tweets will be posted from.

Then, using a “Read Text from File” action, we read the text file to which we have been saving the phrases we want to post, and we make sure we store the file’s content as a list.

I want task scheduler to run a job every day, every one hour, but not run on specific days, at specific hours


I want to schedule a job to run every day, every one hour, but not run on specific days, at specific hours via the task scheduler.


We add a Recurring Trigger that will run every one hour, and then within our job, we enter the following actions to specify during which hours of which days we do not want our job to run.


In our example we have specified that we do not want our job to run during weekends from 09.00 till 17.00, so if the day of the week starts with an “S” (Saturday, Sunday), then it should then check what the current time is and according to the result it should either continue with the job’s flow or end the job successfully if the current time is appropriate for the job to run.

Email notification when a scheduled job generates an error

In some cases you may want to setup a “global error handling” system, so that every time a job fails, you will be notified about this incident through email. A very common example where this feature could prove useful, is server automation, where if WinAutomation is installed in a server where you do not have access on a daily basis. If for some reason, any of your jobs fails to complete successfully, WinAutomation will automatically send an email to the address that you specify, with the name of the job that failed, the time when the error occurred and a short description of the error.…

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