I want to run specific jobs depending on the user currently logged in.


I want to run specific jobs depending on the user currently logged in.



To make sure that specific Jobs run while specific Users are logged on in a machine, we can simply use the “Run Dos Command”. Using the “If” condition action, at the beginning of each job, we determine for which user we want this job to run for. So once we have used the command line to echo the name of the user, we get that information in our %CommandOutput% variable, and we use the “Trim Text” action, to remove any spaces that may exist (since usernames cannot contain spaces nor at the beginning or the end).

Email notification when a scheduled job generates an error

In some cases you may want to setup a “global error handling” system, so that every time a job fails, you will be notified about this incident through email. A very common example where this feature could prove useful, is server automation, where if WinAutomation is installed in a server where you do not have access on a daily basis. If for some reason, any of your jobs fails to complete successfully, WinAutomation will automatically send an email to the address that you specify, with the name of the job that failed, the time when the error occurred and a short description of the error.…

Monitor Network Folders

WinAutomation allows you to monitor the files in a folder (and its subfolders if you choose to) and fire a job if a file is created, modified or deleted. You can add a “File Monitor Trigger” in a job, if you right click on it, select “Edit Triggers”, then select to “Add New Trigger” and finally add the “File Monitor Trigger”.

If you have tried to monitor network folders through this action, you have surely noticed that the trigger seems not to work:

The reason for that, is that the WinAutomation’s core component that is responsible for the proper monitoring of folders (hence the proper execution of the jobs that have a File Monitor trigger), the “WinAutomation’s service”, is run by default with a local system account (which does not have access to the network).…

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