I want to send an email to multiple recipients using the contacts’ information found in my Excel Spreadsheet


I want to send an email to multiple recipients using the contacts’ information found in my Excel Spreadsheet


The following job describes how one can use the information retrieved from a contact list, to be used to send an email to each member of the list, using their details, creating a more personalized email and sending it off to each recipient.


We start by launching our Excel file, and start the data extraction by getting the first free row and column. This will help us determine which is the last row and column used to set the margins of our data table in the next action.

PART I – Monitor your email account, and perform specific Jobs when new email arrives

The following tutorial applies to a previous version of WinAutomation.
This functionality is now built into the current version!

PART I. Automating Registration Confirmation (Receiving emails from a website that requires confirmation of the user’s email address, by prompting user to click on a confirmation link contained in the email to confirm details and registration)

Trying to set up your business and need to create email accounts from a service, and for each registration you have to click on a link to confirm the registration? It’s now possible to automate this procedure with WinAutomation!

(Please note that in order to get this job to work you need to have Thunderbird and Auto Extractor running and also created the job described in the INTRO part of this Topic)


Email notification when a scheduled job generates an error

In some cases you may want to setup a “global error handling” system, so that every time a job fails, you will be notified about this incident through email. A very common example where this feature could prove useful, is server automation, where if WinAutomation is installed in a server where you do not have access on a daily basis. If for some reason, any of your jobs fails to complete successfully, WinAutomation will automatically send an email to the address that you specify, with the name of the job that failed, the time when the error occurred and a short description of the error.…

Use Gmail’s SMTP server to send email through WinAutomation

WinAutomation provides you with an action all automation software should provide,  that allows you to send emails (“Send Email” action under “Email” category). However, as soon as you have filled in the sender, the recipient, the subject and the body, you have to enter an SMTP server that will be used to send the email. The good news are that if you have a Gmail account, you can use the details of Gmail’s SMTP server.

In order to use your Gmail account to send an email through WinAutomation, the “Send Mail” action’s properties, “SMTP Server” tab should be configured as follows:

SMTP Server: smtp.

Using Data from Excel – Part I

After doing some research in our forum, I came across the same question,  multiple times: “How do I read all the information from an Excel file and then use it to send an email or fill a form?”. I am writing this article to give you a step-by-step guide about how you can read all the information that are stored in an Excel worksheet, and use it to send customized emails to multiple recipients. So, let’s get started!

The first thing that we need, is an Excel file that contains the information that will be used to send the emails.…

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