New WinAutomation 6.0 has arrived

WinAutomation Version 6.0 introduces intelligent Software Robots for limitless automation

robotPowerful and intuitive WinAutomation platform announces the release of Software Version 6.0. The new update delivers upgraded functionality, further empowering organizations to achieve greater efficiencies through automation.


With Version 6.0, WinAutomation introduces, among other features, intelligent Software Robots, equipped to automate any desktop and web based task with zero effort. Software Robots reside in user’s computers and can be instructed to do whatever a real user does.

These powerful apps can be taught to perform effortlessly any tasks, leveraging WinAutomation Macro and Web Recorders.




Highlights of the new release include:

New modern interface: New design Interface for the Console and the Robot Designer with new icons.…

Major Release: WinAutomation version 5 with new macro recorder and more!

WinAutomation now offers Windows UI Automation, a New macro recorder, Custom GUI Builder, Web Automation Live Helpers and Support for Functions.

Yes, it is true! After delays upon delays, WinAutomation v5 is finally available.

We are all proud (and exhausted) here and I’d like to take the chance to introduce the most important new features:


To start with, WinAutomation now has a set of new actions related to Windows UI Automation.
When it comes to automating desktop application there is no need to rely to mouse coordinates any more.
WinAutomation now sees “inside” other applications and you can instruct it to do things like Press a button, Select a menu item, Populate a text field, Get the text of a window and so on.…

WinAutomation 4.0.5 maintenance release

So, this is the fifth and last maintenance release for WinAutomation 4.0. We are very close to finish our version 5 (and make the beta available to those who are interested in testing the new features) and in the meantime we have gathered a few bugfixes and packed them in v 4.0.5.


As usual, all maintenance releases (including this one) do not contain new features, so you will not notice anything exciting in 4.0.5 (keep your excitement for v5 with the new and improved Macro Recorder!). At this stage the bugs are really obscure and rare to find, however it is always advisable that you have the latest version available, as you never know when you will find yourself in that annoying situation to confront a bug what has already been corrected.…

Version 4.0.3 is out

Another maintenance release has been carefully cooked and is ready to serve! As always, maintenance releases (the ones where only the third number of the version is increased) are free upgrades for licensed users and only contain minor improvements and bug fixes.


In this release we have resolved more than 80 issues and you can find a detailed list of the most important ones in the attached “What’s new” document. Most resolved issues are so exotic and obscure that there is little chance that you have or will run into any of them. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to upgrade, as it only takes a few minutes and might save you some minor headaches in the future.…

Version 4.0.1 released

Those of you who have moved to WinAutomation version 4, have already experienced the features related to Web Automation. WinAutomation has now dedicated actions for navigating the web, filling web forms, web data extraction and web scraping from web pages in the most natural way.


Sure, people used WinAutomation in the past to automate web-related tasks. This was accomplished with Image Recognition and html parsing techniques, but let’s face it, this approach was neither the most intuitive, nor the most efficient one (not to mention that it was quite hard for the user to implement).

Now WinAutomation can natively understand and examine every web page and scrape its content.…

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