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This functionality will require installation of the free Twitter Addon!


I want to find common friends between two Twitter Users



To start our twitter search and find common friends between two twitter users, we simply have to start by specifying our account.

Ξ€hen using the “Get Twitter User Friends” action twice, one for each user.

We then use the “Find Common List Items” that will give us a list that contains all items that exist on both lists.

That would be the name of each common friend of the two users.

What we shall do with that list is down to us to decide, we can either write the list contents to a text file or even use the output list to follow each User, send a tweet that mentions each user, etc.

Minimum WinAutomation version required: 3.1


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Sat 09/03/2013 00:26

i want to be on twitter because i can
not get to with facebook.


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