I want to use Excel data to login to a list of FTP accounts and upload to all accounts specific files


FTP Automation, I want to use excel data to login to a list of ftp accounts and upload to all accounts specific files


The job displayed above describes how one can use the information retrieved from an Excel spreadsheet, to login and upload to each FTP account listed in the spreadsheet, specific folders found on our local machine.


We start by defining the folder that we want to upload the files of to each FTP account specified in our Excel file.

Having defined that, we launch our Excel file, and get the first free row and column.

Copy text and paste it after the formatting has been removed!

Wouldn’t it just be great if you could copy some text from a website or any other documents and not having to paste it in a notepad window and copy it again from there in order to achieve getting the text alone with no formatting and do all this with a single keyboard macro?

When using editors as Word or Excel or even Outlook and you copy paste a piece of text that contains any formatting what so ever, it pastes all it gets and it’s not really helpful having to re-customize what you just got!

Life is so eaaaasy with WinAutomation!…

How do I import the jobs that I created in WinAutomation v2?

WinAutomation v3 and its built-in macro recorder is fully backwards compatible: this means that all the jobs that you may have created in previous versions will be automatically detected and imported in v3. Moreover, besides the automatic job import during the installation process, you can also manually import in WinAutomation v3, jobs that have been created in previous versions.

In order to import jobs that are saved in an xml format, you will have to select the “File – Import Job” menu in WinAutomation’s console window. Then in the “Select Job to Import” dialog, you need to change the “Files of type” selection to “Xml Job Files”:

Then you can locate the job or jobs that you wish to import, select them and hit the “Open” button.…

Manage the delays between keystrokes

Either you are using the Macro Recorder to record your keystrokes, or you manually drag and drop the “Send Keys” action, sometimes you may need to change how fast the keystrokes are sent. WinAutomation provides you with 3 different tools to do that:

1) Set Playback Speed (“Tools – Set Playback Speed” in the Job Designer window): This option allows you to control the playback speed of your recorded macros. You can choose whether you want to execute the actions that you recorded without internal delays or exactly as you recorded them.

Notice that the “Set Playback Speed” option affects all recorded actions (including mouse movements and mouse clicks).…

Send Keys – Use Modifiers

If you have tried sending a keyboard macro combination with the “Send Keys” action, you may have noticed that if you click on the “Insert Modifier” button, and select for example the Shift modifier, WinAutomation automatically enters {Shift}() in the text to send field, and places the cursor between the two parentheses.

In order to send a specific letter along with the modifier, you will have to write something like this: {Shift}({W}) or {Shift}({C}) in the “Text to Send” field. This means that you will have to enclose the capital version of the letter in curly braces, inside the parentheses of the modifier.…

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