Delete all empty Lines found in Text or XML Files

Have you ever came up with a CSS, XML or HTML File that is full of empty unnecessary rows and can’t be bothered to spend the time needed clearing it up? Well you no longer need to!!! You can use WinAutomation to do the boring xml parse work for you!

To start with we need to read each Line of the File. We can do that using the “Read text from File” Action, and store the content into %FileContentsList%.
We make sure that we select the Store File Content as List option, so that we can then work on each Line individually.…

Find all duplicate mp3 files

Have you been creating playlists by copying and pasting your MP3 Files from one Folder to another and have ended up with 10 copies of the same song and now need to get things right?

All you need is a job that will compare the content of two Folders and move any duplicate items into a third Folder.

So let’s see how we can accomplish that…

We will start by displaying a Select Folder Dialog to select the Folders we want to compare (Folder A, and Folder B), using the “Display Select Folder Dialog” Action.


We will then continue by getting a list of all the Files contained within these two Folders, using the “Get Files in Folder” Action.…

PART I – Monitor your email account, and perform specific Jobs when new email arrives

The following tutorial applies to a previous version of WinAutomation.
This functionality is now built into the current version!

PART I. Automating Registration Confirmation (Receiving emails from a website that requires confirmation of the user’s email address, by prompting user to click on a confirmation link contained in the email to confirm details and registration)

Trying to set up your business and need to create email accounts from a service, and for each registration you have to click on a link to confirm the registration? It’s now possible to automate this procedure with WinAutomation!

(Please note that in order to get this job to work you need to have Thunderbird and Auto Extractor running and also created the job described in the INTRO part of this Topic)


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